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All supersilo bag silos are designed for use indoors only. Solos can be situated outdoors in either a shed or outbuilding or (for the Supersilo model of silo) an outdoor cover is available.

The bag material allows air (but not dust) to escape when the silo is being filled. There is therfore no need for two fill tubes.

Supersilo silos have two possible positions to site the fill tube: either below or above the frame. Ideally the fill tube should be above the frame as this gives the maximum capacity. Mouting the fill tube below the frame reduces maximum capacity and hence the lower figure.

The MAXIMUM fill pressure for Supersilo bag silos is 0.8 bar. Ideally fill pressure should be lower than this.

The Storz connector is by far the most common one we supply, but 'Can & Groove' is also available.

Nearly all silos are made to order at the Supersilo factory in Spain. Manufacture usually takes around 2 weeks with a further week or so for delivery to the UK.

These times are very approximate so if you have specific needs please email or call.

The manufacturer's warranty covers faults and manufacturing defects for 2 years.

Normal wear and tear or damage sustained through incorrect installation or use are excluded.

The warranty is designed to replace defectively made products to the original purchaser due to defects in material and workmanship only. Charges for damages and/or labour costs cannot be accepted, unless specifically agreed to and acknowledged in writing.

The Manufacturer or its agent shall not be under any liability for current or future damage, losses (whether direct, indirect or consequential), expenses, loss of contracts, liabilities, injuries, loss of profits, business or economic loss, depletion of goodwill, costs (including legal costs), claims, demands, proceedings, judgments or otherwise resulting from the failure of products, late/loss or incorrect deliveries or inadequate given advice or information supplied by The Manufacturer or that of its employees or agents.

Losses, damages and liability are limited to Supersilo Spain SL only. It excludes any of its directors, employees or agents.

Please ask for a full copy of the warranty wording.

Please either email us, use our contact form or call (Monday-Thursday: 7.30am-4.30pm, Friday: 7.30am-1.30pm).

Once we've checked your order we will email a pro-forma invoice.

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